March 28, 2015 – Meeting

History of Chesterville presented by Pat Ebersole

President Betty Meier introduced the speaker, Pat Ebersole, who presented an interesting program on the history of Chesterville, which she illustrated with slides showing many historic buildings, nine of which are listed on the National Registry. Several of the buildings pictured have been moved from their original sites and others were destroyed by fire. Pat related stories of the various doctors who practiced in the village over the years and of some of the town characters. While showing a slide of a coverlet woven in Chesterville in the 1840s, Pat stated the origin of the Chesterville school mascot, the eagle, can be traced to the ones depicted on the coverlets. She is working on a book about Chesterville’s history which she hopes to have published soon.

President Meier thanked David and Donna Ufferman for their offer to help set up the display at the OGS Conference on April 8 in Columbus. Ann Artrip also plans to attend. Betty said she was able to obtain a table pass which those attending can use, one at a time, to attend a session.