September 26, 2015 – Meeting

Carl Mumford Family History

The program was presented by Carl Mumford, using PowerPoint to share anecdotes and historical facts relating to his family’s lineage. An early ancestor was Simon de Mumfort who was born in Normandy, moved to England where he married the king’s sister and was made an earl. He led a Crusade to the Holy Land and later led a revolt against the king and became the de facto ruler of England. He was killed in 1265 by a faction loyal to the king.

Carl’s first ancestors in the New World settled in Jamestown in 1607. He related several stories of relatives and their connections to historic events, such as Gundon Mumford, who served ad Ben Franklin’s private secretary. Other ancestors included one who founded the New York Stock Exchange, Thomas Memford, a privateer and Sarah Mumford, the wife of Benedict Arnold, Sr. Carl discovered a connection to the maker of Mumford Potato Chips located in Urbana, Ohio, and he concluded his presentation by sharing samples of the delicious chips. Carl said he is writing his memoirs for his grandchildren and urged those present to do the same.

During the business meeting, reports were given on the Society’s participation at the county fair. Aaron Davis, and Fritz and Janet Miller were thanked for setting up the display in the Log House and the Millers for packing it up. Betty Meier was able to be present during the morning and Duane Rasey and Phylis Miller hosted most of the afternoon with Phylis closing in the evening. Ann Artrip reported that Betty presented the plaques to the 4-H Family History winners during the awards ceremony on Sunday of the fair.