October 22, 2016 – Meeting

“Finding the Treasure in Your Family History” presented by Ann Artrip

It starts with a story, in this case, Martha Styer, born in Pennsylvania in 1822 and moved to Ohio before she turned 2. Considered an “old maid”, she married Rollin Pond when she was 36.

Her first daughter, Eva (Ann’s great great grandmother) was born June 21, 1861, north of Chesterville. Note – this was just 2 months after the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter which started the Civil War. Ann related this to her being 7 months pregnant on 9-11-2001.

Martha Styer had a brother George, who was 17 years younger than her. He served in the Civil War and died near Vicksburg, Mississippi on Feb 7, 1863. At the time of his death, Martha was pregnant with her second daughter, Ruth. Three years later, Martha had a boy and named him George.

In regard to Eva, she married Jacob Kunze when she was 20 and had 3 boys. Her husband outlived 2 more wives and was buried with them in Maple Grove Cemetery in Chesterville. Ann’s family believed that Eva was buried under a gray stone that said “Eva”. But, to Ann’s surprise, she found a listing North Fork Cemetery for Eva, wife of Jacob. So, more research needed.

After further research, it was found that Eva’s father was buried in North Fork. Since Eva died at a young age, maybe it makes sense that she buried beside her father. Another question Ann would love to know — how did Jacob and Eva meet?

Dan Rhodebeck reported on the River Cliff Cemetery walk that was held on October 2, 2016. The stops included:

Mona Love Thomas (1883-1954) and Nona Dove Thomas (1883-1958), twins that were switchboard operators in Mt. Gilead. Portrayed by Janet Gibson Walker and Janice Gibson Smith.

Sarah Craven was the mother of 2 sons that died during the Civil War, 1 day apart. Portrayed by Charlotte Chipps.

Dr. Nathan Tucker (1837-1920) physician and developer of a remedy for asthma. Portrayed by Kevin Evans.

Rev. James Wheeler (1801-1873) the last Methodist missionary to the Wyandot Indians. Portrayed by Jeff Hubschman.

Mary Concanon Eccles (1841-1926) donated money in 1912 to buy the first permanent home of the Mt. Gilead Public Library. Portrayed by Carmel Cooper.

Ethel Elder (1881-1970) courthouse clerk, probate judge, attorney, in that order. Portrayed by Susan DeChellis.

Charles Chilcote (1875-1930) businessman, Morrow County sheriff, postmaster. Portrayed by Rick Chilcote.

Perry Cook (1860-1928) and Belle Knox Cook (1863-1943). He was a businessman, and her bequest established the Perry Cook Memorial Library in Johnsville. Portrayed by Michael and Nancy Bachelder.

Alice Newson Case (1859-1919) one of 2 women elected to the Mt. Gilead School Board in 1895. Portrayed by Karen McClelland.

Walter Ashbaugh (1875-1969) artist, painter of landscapes. Portrayed by Ken Barnett.

George Cross (1794-1879) early settler of Mt. Gilead. Portrayed by Mike Wilson.

The cemetery walk was very successful and are being planned for next year.