First Families Luncheon 2022

The 34th Annual First Families Luncheon was held on May 21, 2022 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Mt Gilead. After a delicious lunch served by the church ladies, the induction service was held. During the service, we light 3 candles, the first one is lit as a bright light into the past, to honor the memory of those brave men, women and children whose determination, perseverance and strength formed this county. The second candle is lit as a bright light of the present, to honor the new inductees for their pride in their history and ancestry and dedication to researching accurately and completely. The third candle is lit as a bright light for the future-for descendants who will gain a sense of pride through their research. This year we honored 17 new inductees. Inductees and their first family pioneers are:

  • Devera Dawn Ritz and Mary Kay Disterdick– Benjamin Franklin Rinehart, Joshua Rinehart, Sally Sarah Rinehart.
  • Vincent Jay Brown – Alford F Randolph, James F Randolph II, James F Randolph III, Marry Butter Randolph, Catherine Baker Randolph, Rev Alford Butters, Denton C Chilcote, Heathcote Chilcote Sr, Heathcote Chilcote Jr, Elizabeth Snair Chilcote.
  • Shirley M Meckley – David Meckley, Mary (Anna Marie) Kessler Meckley
  • Linda Jeanne Shields – Orrin VanSickle Sr, Elizabeth Sherman VanSickle, Peleg Thomas Sherman, Fanny Fuller Sherman
  • Martha Lynne Vaughan Mooney – James Vaughan, Rhoda Cobb Vaughan, Joseph Vaughan
  • John Howard Weaver – Joseph Howard Sr, Mary Bowers Howard, Calvin Howard, Ann (Loyd) Lloyd Howard, James (Loyd) Lloyd, Margaret James (Loyd) Lloyd
  • Howard L Black – John Wirick, Elizabeth Hetrick Wirick, David Wirick, David Meckley, Mary (Anna Maria) Kessler Meckley, Elizabeth Hershner Meckley, Andrew Hershner, Mary A Murray Hershner
  • Susan Marie Huffman Matthews – Mary Jane Fluckey Morton, Adam Fluckey, Mary Sellers Fluckey, George Fluckey, Andrew G Hines, David Hines, Adam Hines, Nancy Linder Hines, James Linder
  • John A Keller – Peter Keller
  • James Maurice Patterson, J Michael Patterson, James Samuel Patterson and Brian Charles Patterson – Henry Fleming, Isaac Fleming, Elizabeth Wyan Fleming, James Fleming, Willian Heverlo
  • Lewis Pierce Kinney – Barnabas C Pierce, Nancy Wildman Pierce, Perry M Pierce, Lois Amanda Gano Pierce, Elijah Gano, Chloe D Stephens Gano
  • Ronda Stall – James Stall
  • Barbara “Joan” Rathburn Jagger – Martin Gates, Mary Poole Gates, Isaac Gates