New to MCGS

The following Family Histories have been added to our collection:

Descendants of John and David Ferguson, Armack County, Ireland

Descendants of George King

Descendants of Henry Ludwig Shauck

Seif Family History

While curating the Ferguson, Shauck and King collections, we found a diary of Emma Jane Shauck, who lived at Spring Glen Farm, Troy Township, Morrow County. The diary begins in May of 1879 and runs to December 31, 1879. Emma Jane was 19 years old. Her mother had died two years previously. Her older sister had died when Emma was 5 and her Grandpa had died when she was 2 years old. she was the woman of the house. The diary is in book form and can be found in the Morrow County section of the Genealogy library.

Thanks to Charlotte and Bob Emrick for their Ferguson, Shauck and King collections.