Alum Creek Friends Meeting Sesquicentennial Observance – October 15, 1967

The following article was found in the above notebook, available for your review at the Genealogy Library.


Interview with Aaron Benedict
Question: What is your name, and where is your home?
Answer: Aaron Benedict of Peru Township, Delaware County
Question: How are you, Aaron?
Answer: I am tired, ill, sad and discouraged.
Question: Why are you tired, ill, sad and discouraged? Tell me about it—
Answer: It’s a long story, young man. After the Revolutionary War, I settled on the west shore of Lake Champlain in New York state with my wife and ten children. We extablished our home, our children grew and married. They bought land and built homes of their own. They were blest with children who were cared for, protected, loved and educated. We called our community Peru.
Our land was cultivated, we labored hard and long. We were deeply religious and attended our Friends Meeting and were contented, peaceful and happy. Then all was changed.
Question: Then what happened, my friend? How was all changed?
Answer: The great North Western Territory was being opened for settlers. The Indians were being brought under control. States and counties were formed. These stories were relayed to our community. The wonders and opportunities and beauties of the great Ohio country were being told. My family became interested, then restless, then eager. Cyrus and his family were the first to go, then others. Finally, my good wife and I, in our old age, were persuaded to journey to this wild, dangerous and untamed land. Now you have my story. This is the reason that I am tired, ill, sad and discouraged.
Question: Could I help?
Answer: Yes, you can help. I will not live much longer. Bury me on the little hill west of this Meetinghouse. Bury me deep, cover my grave with heavy logs so that the wolves will not dig up my bones.