Buckeye Hats

Taken from The Buckeye Hat Story by Kenneth I Lea / Bicentennial Edition 1976 on file at the MCGS Library. Refer to a prior blog, Buckeye Hat Story, for additional info.

When the nights are long and chilly
And there’s time for neighborly chats,
Then it’s time to be a thinkin’
Of next summer’s Buckeye hats.

To the woods with axe and saw
There to limber up their backs,
For this is the beginnin’
Of next summer’s Buckeye Hats.

Cut the logs the proper length
And split them into slats,
And we soon will be a makin”
On next summer’s Buckeye hats.

Uncle Joe will get the plane
And make splints in nothin’ flat,
Soon all will be a workin’
On next summer’s Buckeye hats.

After many months of braidin’
Sewin’, pressin’, this shape and that,
At last, we all have finished
With next summer’s Buckeye hats.

By K.I. Lea