Deed and Indenture Records

This information taken from the book, Gateway to the West, Knox County, Ohio Deeds. Book available for review in the MCGS Library. Interesting article outlining early indenture servant records.

5/31/1828 – George Washington Runyan aged 16 yrs and 16 days, son of Hill Runyan is bound to Adam Pyle of Mt Vernon to learn the trade of Tailor for 4 yrs, 10 mos, and 15 days. (Deed Book G, page 380)

8/5/1820 – Samuel Geddes aged 18 yrs on 21 November next, son of John Geddes is bound to William Smith of Mt Vernon to learn the trade of Hatter for 3 yrs. (Deed Book G, page 399)

5/28/1826 – Laura Stevens aged 11 yrs on 28 September last, daughter of Amiza Stevens, with consent of Amiza her father is bound to John Stevens of Knox County until said Laura is 18 yrs of age. (Deed Book G, page 43)

12/9/1824 – Samuel Hoffman and Henry Wider, trustees of Middleberry Twp, bind Mary Shepherd a poor girl of said township, aged 11 yrs and 29 days as a servant until she reaches 18 years of age in about 1831 to Mary Levering of said township. (Deed Book F, page 162)

3/3/1825 – Enos Jones son of Nathan Jones and Betsy his wife, aged 15 yrs on 30 August last by consent of Betsy Jones his mother of Milford township is placed as an apprentice in farming to Samuel Poppleton of Liberty township for 5 years, 4 months and 27 days. (Deed Book F, page 253)

4/17/1825 – Daniel Lewis by consent of his guardian, Wm Meffard, is bound to Richard and Nathan House to learn the trade of house joiner and cabinet maker until he is 21 yrs which will be on 19 December 1832. (Deed Book G, page 433)

3/20/1829 – The Trustees of Clinton township bind William Telafero aged 10 yrs, 6 mos and 9 days, the illegitamate son of Harriet Steele of said township to Jesse B Thomas to learn the trade of farmer. (Deed Book G, page 668)

Feb 1829 – Philemon Pierson Jr and Robert Henry, overseers of the poor of Clay township bind Daniel I Russell a poor boy aged 13 yrs, 11 mos and 5 days, son of Isaac Russell whose residence is unknown to Peter Barnes for 7 yrs, 1 week and 4 days. (Deed Book G, page 678)