Youth Reports Flying Saucer

Taken from the Morrow County Sentinel dated October 2, 1952.
Found by a library volunteer while doing obituary research.

First flying saucer reported in recent months in Morrow county was seen last Saturday night in Mt Gilead by Bob Wagner, 14, son of Mr and Mrs Richard Wagner of Mt Gilead

The youth was returning home from the picture show and was in front of the Dr J P Ingmire residence when he spotted the saucer about 3,000 to 5,000 feet in the sky above Mt Gilead.

Bob told his parents that it was oval shaped, had a greenish light, was moving slowly and made a noise that attracted him. There was no one else on the street at the time. Shortly after he spotted the saucer it sped out of sight in a northeasterly direction leaving a reddish glow trail.