Morrow County Marriage Certificates

We recently received several Morrow County marriage certificates from the Licking County Genealogical Society. They had been donated to LCGS but, it was decided that a better home was Morrow County Genealogical Society. The names on the certificates are as follows:

Martha A Mann and Isaac J Lyon dated 1882
Columbus O Patterson and Jenni McNay dated 1880
Monroe H Kaufman and Flora Speck dated 1880
Luther Howard and Hattie George dated 1880
Jessee W Vail and Ella McCracken dated 1882
Glen B Morgan and Flora B Evans dated 1881
James L Hall and Julia Alexander dated 1882
Frank B Struble and Martha J McGaugley dated 1881
LB Stumph and Nellie C Hildreth dated 1881
Perry P Flemming and Sarah L Foss dated 1882
Isaac N Leaming and Belle S Day dated 1882

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of one of these certificates, please stop by our library.