Lincoln Township Cemeteries

Most of the cemetery names and locations were obtained from the results of a federally funded project in the 1930’s, known as the “WPA Veterans Grave Registration Project”. It was conducted in cooperation with the American Legion to identify the names of all veterans of the armed services buried in Morrow County and to locate their graves. A copy of the WPA survey is in the Recorder’s office in the Morrow County Courthouse, Mount Gilead, Ohio. In addition, over the years, volunteers from the Morrow County Genealogical Society have physically walked through every known cemetery area and, in most cases, were able to record the tombstone inscriptions and locations.

GPS coordinates, where listed, are from the USGS Geographic Names Information Service (GNIS) here.

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  2. Ashbury Methodist Episcopal Cemetery and/or Stiner’s Corner Cemetery, and Buck Cemetery
    GPS Coordinates for “Asbury” Cemetery: Latitude 40.4811716 and Longitude -82.8229562.
    GPS Coordinates for Stiner’s Corner Cemetery: None found.
    GPS Coordinates for Buck Cemetery: Latitude 40.4814494 and Longitude -82.8221228.

    WPA listing for Ashbury: located in Township 7, Ranges 16 and 17. 0.38 Acre. On Mt. Gilead-Sunbury Road (SR 61) and Cardington-Chesterville Road (SR 529) about four miles southeast of Cardington.
    WPA listing for Stiner’s Corners: On both sides of Cardington-Chesterville Road (SR 529) west of Mt. Gilead-Sunbury Road (SR 61).
    WPA listing for Buck Cemetery: 0.05 Acre. Mt. Gilead-Sunbury Road (SR 61) and Cardington-Chesterville Road (SR 529).
    Excerpt from Grave Stone Inscription book Volume 4 by Morrow County Genealogical Society:
    This may be the same cemetery sometimes called “Ashbury, north of Fulton”. It is a neglected old graveyard in Lincoln Township, Morrow County, but from 1808 to 1848 this was part of Delaware County. This cemetery is just west of the Columbus-Mt. Gilead Road [SR 61] on the east-west road between Cardington and Chesterville [SR 529]. The [east-west] road cuts through it, and most of the graves are to the south side. It is badly overgrown with myrtle and low-growing rose bushes and apparently has not been mown for a long time. Some stones are weathered until illegible and some are fallen and broken.

    The part to the north side of the road is very small and appears to have been used by the Hunt Family. Perhaps ? Hunt, a Revolutionary soldier, is buried close to the north fence of the southern section, the main graveyard. His may be one of the field stone markers there. [No stones with the Hunt surname were legible, but there are three stones with the Buck surname.]

    The part to the south side of the road has a Stiner stone, but no legible Buck stones. (Other surnames are also listed.)

    There is a separate listing for stones entitled “Stiner’s Corners Cemetery” and there were two Stiner stones recorded. The note also states that the graveyard is not large but the graves are sparsely scattered; many are probably unmarked. Another Revolutionary soldier, Benjamin Collins, is said to be buried here close beside the north fence.

    All legible inscriptions were copied May 28, 1948.
  3. Center M.E. or U.B.
    GPS Coordinates: Latitude 40.4592274 and Longitude -82.8951811. Listed as Center Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
    Located in Section 14. 0.6 Acre. East side of Pompey Road (CR 166) between CR 25 and CR 155, just south of West Branch Creek. Copied by George Morgan 1991.
  4. Devenport or Pompey Cemetery
    GPS Coordinates: Latitude 40.4392275 and Longitude -82.9062926. Listed as Pompey Cemetery.
    Located in Section 24. East side of Kilbourne-Cardington Road (CR 165) north of Westfield-Fulton Road (TR 159). In southwest corner of Township about .25 mile east of Westfield Twp. line, .75 mile north of Peru Twp. line, and about 3.75 miles south of Cardington. Copied by George Morgan 1991. Also copied in 1951.
  5. Ebenezer Cemetery
    GPS Coordinates: Latitude 40.4258942 and Longitude -82.8254560.
    0.92 Acre. Located at dead end of Bennington South Road (TR 191) at Mt. Gilead-Sunbury Road (SR 61), two to 2.5 miles south of Fulton and just west of I-71. Copied by G. S. Morgan in 1991. Also copied in 1948.
  6. Emery Cemetery
    GPS Coordinates: none available
    Per WPA: Worthington-New Haven Road (CR 24) and Cardington-Chesterville Road (SR 529). [Note: SR 529 ends at SR 61 and becomes CR 23 east of SR 61.] About 1.5 miles worthwest of Fulton.
    Per MCGS book: Co. Rd. 24 off 300 feet & Co. Rd. 23 700 feet. Four stones. [No names.]
  7. Fulton Cemetery
    GPS Coordinates: Latitude 40.4625607 and Longitude -82.8349010.
    Per WPA: Located in Section 8. 4.8 Acres. Worthington-New Haven Road (CR 24) and Waldo-Fulton-Chesterville Road (CR25) just west of Fulton.
    Per MCGS book: Located on CR 25 at the west edge of Fulton. The first burial in this cemetery was Andrew Click on April 29, 1885. That burial information provided by Virgil Denton. Cemetery was copied by Marguerite Davis in the Fall of 1991.
  8. Old Center Cemetery
    GPS Coordinates: none available
    Per WPA: Located in Section 14. 0.01 Acre. Pompey Road (CR 166)and Waldo-Fulton-Chesterville Road (CR 25) about 2.25 miles south of Center of Cardington.
    Per MCGS book: St. Rd. 166 [should be County Road) 40 feet & Co. Rd. 25 – .5 mile. Six graves. [No names]
  • Hollis Jones Cemetery [Not on map.]
    GPS Coordinates: none available
    Not on WPA survey.
    From MCGS book: JONES, Hollis – Born 10 February 1922 – Died 22 September 1978. Buried on “Hollis Jones Farm” on 25 September 1978. Wife: Audrey JENKINS JONES. Address of residence: 2414 County Road 155, Cardington, OH. Information from estate file 11,283 Probate Court & Death Certificate.

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