Additional Ohio Books

Ohio: The Journal of Major George Washington on the French Forces On Ohio (1753-1754) by William Hunter
Ohio: Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio Vols. 1 & 2 by Henry Howe L.D.
Ohio: Ohio Families, A Biography of Books and Ohio Families By Donald M. Hehir
Ohio: Ohio Lands By and From Jim Petro, Auditor of State
Ohio: Pioneer Ohio Newspapers 1802-1818 by Karen Mauer Green
Ohio: Blacks in Ohio 1880 Vols. 9 and 10 by Paul E. Nitchman
Ohio: Mystery Houses on the Underground Railroad by Carroll Neidhardt.
Ohio: Ohio Genealogical Periodical Index: A County Guide by Carol Willsey Bell, C.G.
Ohio: Atlas of the State of Ohio: 1868 from Surveys under the Direction of H.G. Walling
Ohio: Ohio Lands South of the Indian Boundary Line by Marie Taylor Clark
Ohio, Ohio Towns and Townships to 1900 A location Guide by Julie Minot Overton
Ohio, Ohio Lands, Chillicothe Land Office by Marie Taylor Clark C.G
Ohio, Index to Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War with Spain 1898-1899 by Julie Minot Overton and Jana Sloan Broglin
Ohio, Annals of Ohio Vol. 1 1902-1903 by Scibet and McElroy
Ohio, Ancestor Charts of Members of the Ohio Genealogical Society by Ohio Genealogical Society.
Ohio, Annals of Ohio Vol. 1 1902-1903 by Scibet and McElroy
Ohio, History of Grange Movement or the Farmer’s War Against Monopolies by Edward Winslow Martin
Ohio, The Ohio Hundred Year Book 1803-1902 by Gilkey
Ohio, Ohio Centennial Celebration 1903 by Randall
Ohio, Historical Collections of Ohio Vol. 1 & 2 by Howe
Ohio History by Robert L. Daugherty and Patricia Walsh
Ohio History Untold Through Able Students by Ohio Literacy Resource Center
Ohio, Ohio Legislative History 1909-1920 Vol. 1,2,3 by Mercer
Ohio, Gustirucak Directory of the Ohio House of Representatives by Carl Suess
Ohio, Ohio Municipal, Township and School Board Roster 2000-2001 by Kenneth Blackwell
Ohio, County Courthouses of Ohio by Susan W. Thrane
Ohio, General Assembly 1822, Common School Report of Commissioners
Ohio, Constitution of the State of Ohio 1979 by Anthony J. Celebrezze
Ohio, Congressional Directory 78th Congress Session 1, 2 May 1941 & Han, 1944
Ohio, Atlas of Ohio by Charles W. Collins
Ohio, Ohio’s Natural Heritage by Ohio Academy of Science
Ohio, 1833 Gazetter by Scott and Wright
Ohio, Too Young to Die by Keesee
Ohio, Glimpses of Ohio Counties by DAR
Ohio, Ohio Lands by Thomas E. Ferguson
Ohio, The Official Ohio Lands Book by Knepper
Ohio, History of the State of Ohio 1803-2003 by Charles Winter
Ohio, Forts of Ohio by Williams
Ohio, Ohio Churches by Bicentennial Committee
Ohio, Ohio Valley Genealogies by Charles Hanna
Ohio, Land Ownership Maps by Stephenson
Ohio, Moving West of the Appalachians by Emerick
Ohio, History of the National Road by Thomas B. Searight
Ohio, Blacks in Ohio 1880 Vol. 7 & 8 by Paul Nitchman
Ohio, Ohio Lands- Chillicothe Land Office by Marie Taylor Clark
Ohio, Ohio Water Firsts Vol. 1 by Frost and Nichols
Ohio, Ohio Land Grants by Joseph T. Ferguson
Ohio, Historical Review Vol. 9 number 45
Ohio, The Foundations of Ohio by Beverley W. Bond Jr. Vol. 1
Ohio, The Frontier State 1803-1825by William T. Utter Vol. 2
Ohio, The Passing of the Frontier 1825-1850 by Francis P. Weisenburger Vol. 3
Ohio, Ohio Civil War Era 1850-1873 by Eugene H. Roseboom Vol. 4
Ohio, Ohio Comes of Age 1873-1900 by Philip D. Jordan Vol. 5
Ohio, Ohio Divorces The Early Years by Carol Willsey Bell
Ohio, Ohio Marriages by Smith
Ohio, Ohio Marriages recorded in County Courts through 1820 by OGS (2) sets
Ohio, Ohio Marriages Records in County Courts Jan. 1, 1821-Dec. 1830 By Ohio Genealogical Society
Ohio, The Ordinance of 1787 and the First Ohio Settlement of Ohio By Dan Augenstein
Ohio, New Englanders on the Ohio Frontier, Migration and Settlement of Worthington, Ohio by Virginia E. and Robert W. McCormick
Ohio, Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: An Index. By Carol Bell
Ohio, Ohio Cemeteries by OGS
Ohio, Ohio Cemeteries Addendum by OGS
Ohio, Survey of American Church Records by Kirham
Ohio, Quaker Sesqi-Centennial Friends Church Damascus, Ohio
Ohio, 1803-1953 150th Anniversary
Ohio, Memoirs of the Early Pioneer Settlers by Hildreth
Early Ohio Tax Records by Esther Weygandt Powell
Ohio, Early Ohioans’ Residences from the Land Grant Records by Riegel
Ohio, Early Ohio Settlers by Berry East and East Central Ohio 1800-1840 (2)
Ohio, Early Ohio Settlers by Berry Southeastern , Ohio 1800-1840
Ohio, Early Ohio Settlers by Berry Southwestern, Ohio 1800-1840
Ohio, Towns and Townships to 1900’s by Julie Minot Overton
Ohio, Ownership of Ohio Lands by Dyer
Ohio, Ohio Genealogy in State Library County by County 1992, 2 books
Ohio Historical Soc. Library Researcher’s Manual by Mettle, Weller and Bell
Ohio, Genealogical Research by George K. Schweitzer
Ohio, OGS Chapter Directory 1986, 1994, 1996 by OGS
Ohio, First Families of Ohio Roster 1964-2000 by OGS
Ohio, Surname Exchange by OGS
Ohio, Union List of Genealogy Material �Ohio Interlibrary Network
Ohio, Ohio Genealogical Society Library Genealogies
Ohio, Ohio History 1989-2002 by Ohio Historical Society
Ohio, The Ohio Woman Suffrage Movement by Allen and Welles
Ohio, Ohio Society of Sons of the Revolution Proceedings 1909-1919
Ohio, Ohio Society Daughters of the American Revolution by DAR, DAR Magazine 1977-1979
Ohio, State History of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1928 and 1946, 2 books
Ohio, Daughters of the American Revolution History 1946-1978
Ohio, Census Indexes, 1800-1880
Ohio, 1812 Census of Ohio State-wide Index of Taxpayers
Ohio, 1820 Census Licking Co., Ohio
Ohio, 1830 Census Jefferson Co., Ohio
Ohio, 1880 Population Census (10th) Richand Co., Ohio
Ohio, The 1920 Fed. Population Census Catalogue Nat.Archives
Ohio, Map Guide to U.S. Federal Census 1790-1920
Ohio, Topographic Survey Vol. 2 1917 by Sherman
Ohio, Archeological and Historical Soc. Publications, Vol. 1 �27
Ohio, History of the State of Ohio, Vol. 1-6
Ohio General Statistics, Vol. 9, 1924
Latest Census donated by Gene Gear
Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan’s First Hundred Years by Henry Clyde Hubbart
Ohio, 150 Years of Excellence A Pictorial View of Ohio Wesleyan University by Barbara Mitchell Tullf
Ohio Builds A Nation by Samuel Harden Stille
Ohio , The Empire Within An Empire 2nd Editon by Ohio Dev. and Publicity Commission
Ohio, This Day in Ohio History by Rebecca Goodman and Barrett J. Brunsman
Ohio Trivia by Ernie and Jill Couch
Ohio Genealogical Guide 6th Edition by Carol Willsey Bell
Ohio, Columbus Dispatch Historic Pages
Ohio History Vol. 114 by Kent State Press
Ohio, That Dark and Bloody River: Chronicles of the Ohio River Valley by Allan W. Eckert
Ohio, A Gatherer and Planter of Appleseeds: “Johnny Appleseed” – John Chapman
Ohio, History of the 49th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865 “The Buckeye Vanguard”
Ohio, Central Ohio a Vanished Past by Carroll Neidhardt
Ohio, Ghosts, Grave Walking, and Mysteries by Carroll Neidhardt
Ohio, Haunted Cemeteries of Ohio by E.R. Cutright
Ohio, The Ghostly Tales of Ohio’s Haunted Cemeteries by Kate Byrne (Childrens Book)