Books By Local Historian Stan Sipe

Airplanes Crash Here Too – Morrow County Plane Crashes
1969-The Most Deadly Year – Auto Crashes in Morrow County
From Air Raid Drills to Survival Under Atomic Attack–The History of Civil Defense in Morrow County
Morrow County Communities, Neighborhoods and Post Offices in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Morrow County History of Education
Floods, A Heat Wave and Dust Storms
History of the Gasoline Station in Morrow County
Operation Skywatch: The Ground Observer Corps in Morrow County
Influenza of 1918 in Morrow County
Morrow County and State Route 1 (Interstate 71)
A Magnificent Gift: The History of Morrow County Hospital
Oil Boom of Morrow County Picture Book
Morrow County Oil Boom (Volume 1 and 2)
Morrow County’s Invisible Invader: Polio
Nothing Less Than a Miracle: The Rural Electrification of Morrow County
Isolated No More: Rural Free Delivery in Morrow County
It’s Been Known to Snow Here: The Winter 1880-1881
Snyder’s Milling Service Inc – Marengo
Morrow County Statistically – The US Census 1850-1990
Morrow County Surnames – Ordination and Spellings
Morrow County’s Largest Department Store-The Union Store
Morrow County’s Wicked Winds – Reports on Tornados in Morrow County since the 1950’s
Morrow County and World War II

Mt Gilead’s 100 Year Businesses
The Globe Hotel / Easter Sunday 1957
Fire Maps of Mount Gilead 1885-1946
Mount Gilead’s Historic Buildings- Levering Hall
Mount Gilead’s Historic Homes / Businesses (Three Volumes)
The Ice Plant
Isaly Dairy Store
Mt Gilead Magnetic Springs Boarding House and Sanitarium
Masonic Temple Building,, Another Mark Cook Legacy
Mt Gilead Pottery and Tile Company / The Florence Pottery
Old Photos of Mount Gilead Homes/Businesses (Three Volumes)
Old Photos of Mount Gilead and Edison (Two Volumes)
Old Photos of Victory Shaft and Morrow County (Three Volumes)
Van Scoy / Kelly Foundry and Machine Works-Two Mt Gilead Manufacturers That You’ve Never Hear Of
The Western Union Co