Rare Book Collection

Rare Book Case (level one)
Books Associated with President Harding and Memorabilia

Rare Books (level two)
Bible: John Elder & George Elder
Cardington Ball Team 1911
Copper Kettle Rest. – now Cornerstone : Photo by Frank Sebring
Curren Diaries 1936 – 1942
Farrington reunions 1912-1992
GAR materials
Historical Collection of Ohio by Howe
Johnsville School History 1885-1985
Kansas Ball Team photo 1907 donated by G.R. Weeks
Morrison album of pictures
Newspaper The Morrow county Sentinel 9/16/1971
Newspaper: Morrow County Sentinel 1975
Newspaper: Public Ledger 9/20/1901
Picture and names No. 1 School Morrow County
The Howitzer 1911
The Women’s Missionary Federation of Congress, Franklin and Perry Townships 1915 – 1962
The Women’s Missionary Federation of Congress, Franklin and Perry Townships 1963 – 1978
Practical Gammar – 1868
Simple Essays Reprint 1949
The New Hudson Shakespeare
The House of The Seven Gables 1878
The Little Minister 1923
Mrs. Wiggs of The Cabbage Patch 1901
Tom Brown School Days
The Seasons 1868.
Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories by J.H. Sears & Co.
A Wreath of Carols 1966
The Veterinary Science
New Education Reader Book One
Standard Recitations
Ralph On the Overland Express 1910
The Covered Wagon 1922
Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal 1878
History and Geography of Ohio 1929
The Vanishing American 1925
Intermediate Music 1924
Richard Sears Sr. Old Music Book

Rare Book Case (Level 3)
American Freedom Train 1975-1976
Bella Foye – Mt. Gilead, Ohio Daybook
Bible: 1822 – Carl Goodwin
Bible: Ashley/Caldwell
Bible: William & Elizabeth Garberson
Bible: Jas. & Lovina Irwin
Bible: Sherry/ Oliver
Big Four Gazette 1900
Auld Photo Album
McFarland Photo Album
City Loan – Ohio Map
Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist church 1948
Dr. Chase’s Receipt Book and Household Phylsician 1888
Globe Hotel Registry – Mt. Gilead, Ohio 1878
Harper’s Weekly 1867
Historical Overview of Press Development & Kodachrome Film Slide
History of the Coomer Family from 1710-1892
HPM – 75 years of Progress
Military History of Ohio
Miller Family Reunion 1917
Morrow County Atlases 1871, 1901
Mt. Gilead High School Class of 1931 belonging to Alice Victoria Chubb
New Common School Register No. 7 Perry Township 1891-1895
Newspaper: Morrow County Sentinel 1848
Newspaper: Ohio’s Mad Oil Boom
Newspaper: Columbus Dispatch 1969
Newspaper: Honolulu Star Bulletin 1940
Newspaper: Indianapolis Star 1941
Newspaper: Jackson Journal 1927
Newspaper: Morrow County Sentinel 1886
Newspaper: National Tribune 1909
Newspaper: New York Times 1927
Newspaper: San Francisco Examiner 1938
Newspaper: Straats-Beitumg Herald 1936 and 1938
Newspaper: Wilmington News Journal 2004
North Bloomfield Township Records 1847 – 1900
Peerless Atlas of the World 1903
Poems: various authors 1842 – 1849
Psalmodist 1844
Rand McNally & Co. Atlas 1910
S.A. Durbins’s Day book
School Book: Complete Geography 1867
School Book: Natural Advanced Geography 1898
School Books: 1858
School Books: English Grammar1887
School Books: Good Times with Beverly
School Books: Latin 1827
School Books: Spelling Book 1843
School Books: : Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson
School Books: Arithmetic 1887
School Books: Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry
School Books: Selections from Five English Poets 1893
Schools Books: Geography 1887
Scrapbook- Gaverick – Johnsville area
Scrapbook: Cardington Tornado and other clippings
Scrapbook:Cardington Tornado
The Journal of American Genealogy 1921–1922
The Paton – Official Song Book of the Grange 1926
Three Centuries of American Poetry and Prose 1917]
WCTU Minutes of the Gilead Friends Church 1923- 1971
Welch Attendance and Scholarship Record Woodbury School, Perry Township 1926