The Karen Schmidt Collection

Videos: The Civil War; Civil War Photographers; The Legend of Custer,
American West: Gunfighters of the Old West; American West: Old West Cowboys; and The Great Indian Wars 1840-1890;
Touch the Earth by T.C. McLuhan
Children of the Flames by Lucrette Matalon Lagnado and Sheila Chon Dekel
Six Wives, The Queens of Henry VIII, by David Starkey
Henry VIII, The King and His Court by Alison Weir
Elizabeth, The Struggle for the Throne by David Starkey
Alexandra, The Lat Tsarina by Carolly Erickson
Great American Scandals by Michael Fraquhar
The American Presidents by David C. Whitney
The First Ladies by Betty Boyd Caroli
The Dark and Bloody River, Chronicles of the Ohio River Valley by Allan W. Eckert
American West: Heroes of the Wild West by Kent Alexander
The Captured by Scott Zesch
The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin
American West: Faith and Betrayal, A Pioneer Woman’s Passage in the American West by Sally Denton
Children of the West, Family Life on the Frontier by Cathy Luchetti
Native Americans of the Old West by Time Life Books
The Native American an Illustrated History by Turner Book
Tecumseh by Allan W. Eckert
Heroic and Outrageous Women by Gemma Alexander
Civil War: Phantom Army of the Civil War and Other Southern Ghost Stories by
Frank Spaeth from the files of Fate Magazine
Revolutionary War: 1776 by David McCullough
Civil War: The Long Road to Gettysburg by Jim Murphy
Civil War: A Civil War Treasure of Tales, Legends and Folklore, by B.A. Botkins
Civil War: An Illustrated History of the Civil War, Images of American Tragedy by Time Life Books
Civil War: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Civil War, The Soldiers, Generals, Weapons, and Battles by William Davis
Trail of Tears, The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by John Ehle