United States by State

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    Connecticut, Revolutionary Pensioners by Connecticut DAR
  • Florida, Hillsborough County Cemeteries Vols. 2,3,5, 1840-1985 by Florida Gen. Society
  • Georgia, Early Georgia Wills and Settlements of Estates, Wilkes Co. by Sarah Quinn Smith
  • Indiana, Jacksonian – 1953 Yearbook Jackson Local School
    Illinois, Counties of Illinois by John W. Lewis, Secretary of State
    Illinois, Marriages of Shelby County, 1871-1878 by Graven & Hapner
  • Indiana, A Soldier In World War I, The Diary of Elmer W. Sherwood
    Indiana, Korean War, Honoring Those Who Paid the Price, Forgotten Voices from the Korean War
    Indiana, 1820 Federal Census for Indiana
    Indiana, 1820 Enumeration of Males
    Indiana, Blood Shed in this War, Civil War
    Indiana, Pioneer Ancestors of Members of the Society of Indiana Pioneers
    Indiana, Admission Record Indianapolis Asylum for Friendless Colored Children 1871- 1900 for Indiana Historical Society
    Indiana, An Index to Records of the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children’s Home
    Indiana, 1876 Atlas
    Indiana, Pioneer Ancestors of the Members of the Society of Indiana Pioneers
    Indiana, Abstracts of records of the Society of Friends:
    Indiana, Vol. 1 Whitewater and Springfield
    Indiana, Vol. 2 Chester, Dover, Economy, Milford, Mildord (Hicksite) New Garden,
    Indiana, Newport (Antislavery) West Grove and Whitewater (Hicksite) Monthly Meetings;
    Indiana, Salem (Antislavery) and Silver Creek/Salem.
    Indiana, Abstracts of Obituaries in Western Christian Advocate 1834-1850
  • Kentucky, Genealogical Records and Abstracts Vol. 1 1781-1839 By Sherida K. Eddlemon
    Kentucky, Old Kentucky, Entries and Deeds 1179-1853 by Williard Rouse Jillson
    Kentucky, Marriage Records by Gen. Publishing
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    Kentucky, Marriages 1797-1865 by Cliff
    Kentucky, Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Ky. by Kozee
    Kentucky, Tax Records by Gen. Publishing
    Kentucky, Second Census by Cliff
    Kentucky, 1810 Census by Waglstaff
    Kentucky, 1820 Census by Felldin & Inman
    Kentucky, Kentuckians in Ohio Indiana by Sprague
    Kentucky, Petitions of the Early Inhabitants 1769-1792 to General Assembly Of Virginia by Roberston
    Kentucky, Early Kentucky Landholders 1787-1811 by James F. Sutherland
    Kentucky, The Big Sandy Valley by William Ely
  • Maine, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire by Noyes,Libby, Davis
    Maine, Biographies, excerpted from Main Resources, Attractions, and Its People: A History Vols. 2 by Harrie B. Coe
  • Maine and New Hampshire, Pioneers 1623-1660
  • Maryland, Mayflower Increasings 2nd Edition by Susan E. Roser
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    Maryland, Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records 1648-1725 by F. Edward Wright
    Maryland, Revolutionary Records by Newman
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    Maryland, Methodist Records of Baltimore City, Vol. 1 by Peden
    Maryland, Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts 1799-1805 by Wright
    Maryland, Inhabitants of Baltimore County 1692-1763 by Wright
    Maryland, Wills of Washington County, Maryland 1776-1890 by Dale Morrow and Deborah Jensen
    Maryland, Index to Colonial Wills 1634-1777 by James M. Magruder Jr.
    Maryland, Marriages 1634-1777 (3 sets) by Barnes
    Maryland, Marriages 1778-1800 by Barnes
    Maryland, Frederick County Marriage Licenses 1778-1810
    Maryland, Colonial Families of Eastern Shore Vol. 1 by Barnes & Wright
    Maryland, Colonial Familes of Maryland by Robert Barnes
    Maryland, A Guide to the Old State Line by Oxford
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    Maryland, Index of Source Records of Maryland 1743-1811 by Eleanor Phillips Passano
    Maryland, The Pennsylvania-German in Maryland by Daniel Wunderlich Nead
  • Massachusetts, Cemetery Inscriptions of the Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts and Its Villages 1600-1900 By Paul J. Bunnell
    Massachusetts, A Heritage Classic, The Winthrop Fleet of 1630 By Charles Edward Banks
    Massachusetts, The Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers in England and America 1620-1685 By Descendants 1900 Vol. 2 By Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants
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    Massachusetts, Worcester Music Festival
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    Massachusetts, The Records of Oxford 1630-1890 by Mary D. Freeland
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    Massachusetts, Town of Cambridge 1630-1703 by Clearfield Publishing
    Massachusetts, Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis, Vol. 1 by Allanson�French; Vol. 2 by Gardner-Moses; Vol.3 by Neat-Wright
  • Michigan, Hillsdale Area Centennial 1869-1969
    Michigan, Clio Area Centennial 1873-1973
  • Missouri, Bates Family Obits 1900 Franklin County
  • Nevada, Reno Obits Pre. 1900’s
  • New England, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont By Time Life Library of American
    New England, New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. XI 1886 (2) copies By New England Historic Genealogical Society
    New England, New England’s Memorial Also Excerpts from Governor Bradford’s History of Plymouth Colony and his Dialogue, Prince’s Chronology and Gov. Winslow’s Visit to Massasoit By Nathaniel Morton
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    New England, Marriages Prior to 1700 by Torrey
    New England, Marriages Second Supplement to Torrey by Sanborn
    New England, Marriages Third Supplement to Torrey by Sanborn
    New England, More English Adventures and Emigrants by Coldham
    New England, New England Historical & Genealogical Register (Jan. 1994 thru Jan, 2001)
    New England, American Marriage Records before 1699 by Clemens
    New England, Genealogical Register of the First Settlers by J. Farmer
    New England, Court Records by Diane Rapaport
    New England, Passengers to America by Tepper
    New England, Ship Pasenger Lists National and New England 1600-1825 by Carl Boyer II
  • New Hampshire, 1790 Census by Genealogy Publishing
    New Hampshire, From Sea to Shining Sea by Terry Miller Shannon
    New Hampshire, History of New Boston, NH
  • New Jersey, Revolutionary Census of New Jersey by Kenn Stryker-Rodds
    New Jersey, Stockhom Methodist Church by Clayton
    New Jersey, Marriage Records 1665-1800 by Nelson
    New Jersey, The Huguenots or Early French in New Jersey, by Koehler
    New Jersey, Huguenot Genealogies by Arthur Louis Finnell
    New Jersey, First Settlers of Passaic Valley by Littell
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    New Jersey, Early Church Records of Bergen Co., New York 1740-1800 by Willow Bend Books
    New Jersey, Early Church Records of Burlington Co. New Jersey Vol. 3 by Charlotte D. Meldrum
    New Jersey, Biographical and Gen. Notes by Nelson
    New Jersey, Hardyston Heritage �Bicentennial Year 1762-1976
    New Jersey, Early Germans, by Chambers
    New Jersey, Sussex Co. Marriages by Case
    New Jersey, Families Vol. 1,2 by Gen. Publishing
    New Jersey, Marriages 1665-1800 by Nelson
  • New, York, Staten Island Church Records, Waldensian Church Stony Brook 1658 by Tobias Alexander Wright
    New, York, Biographical Record Dutchess County 1887 By J.H. Beers and Company
    New, York, Historical Collections of the State of New York By John W. Barber and Henry Howe
    New, York, New York in the Revolution as Colony and State By James a. Roberts
    New York, Lower Lakes and Canada, The Niagara Region and Adjacent Lakes under French Control Vols. 1 & 2 By Frank H. Severance
    New York, Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York, Marriages Dec. 11, 1639-Aug. 26, 1801, by Samuel S. Purple. Donated by Lewis Caskey Family
    New York, Landholders of Northeastern New York 1739-1802. By Fred Q. Bowman
    New York, Albany First Settlers 1630-1800 by Prof. Jonathan Pearson
    New York, Ulster County, Probate Records (two volumes in one book) by Gustave Anjou
    New York, Immigrants to the Middle Colonies, Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated data from the New York Gen. And Bio. Records. By Michael Tepper
    New York, 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York 1813-1850 by Bowman
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    New York, Registers of Dutch Church of Kingston 1660-1809 by Hoes
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    New York, Marriages previous to 1784 by Tucker
    New York, Naturalizations by Scott
    New York, Western New York Land Transactions 1804-1824 by Karen E. Livsey
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    New York, New Netherland Roots by Epperson
    New York, Staten Island Church Records by Tobias Alexander Wright
    New York, Area, Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration by Knittle
    New York, Burying Ground of Sharon, Conn. and Amenia and North East, New York, by L. Van Alystyne
    New York, Ellis Island Ancestors by Sharon Debartolo Carmack
  • North Carolina, The Heritage of Wake County 1983 by Gen Society
  • Northwest Territory, Reconstructed Forts of the Old Northwest Territory>
  • Oregon, History of Morrow County
  • Pennsylvania, Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684 Penn’s Colony Vol. 1 By Walter Lee Sheppard Jr.
    Pennsylvania, The German Immigration Into Pennsylvania Through the Port of Philadelphia from 1700-1775 and Redemptioner by Frank Ried Diffenderffer
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  • South Carolina, Fort Sumter By National Park Service
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  • Tennessee, Middle Tennessee Gen. Soc. Newletters 1997 & 1998
    Tennessee, Middle Tennessee Genealogy & History 1995-1998
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