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1848 Land Transfer Book

The Morrow County Genealogical Society has reproduced the Original 1848 Land Transfer Book. In order to preserve this book,
each page has been professional photographed. Faded lines/ names on each page have been read by magnifying glass and the name inserted in book by page number. Many resources have been added to the book to help in research such as: 1848 Map; history of old towns and townships,range, section information, road names, road numbers etc.

Morrow County was taken from parts of four other counties: Delaware, Knox, Marion and Richland Counties; thus, names and locations in the book were originally in another county.

This is a 167 page spiral bound book, printed on 11 x 17 paper. (Ledger paper size) It is twice the size of a normal book.

Morrow County Records of Registration – War Veteran Graves 1841 through 1993

78 pages; names and burial sites   2600+ records.

Morrow County Discharge Records

Note: Discharges are recorded in the time period the military person recorded them.

For Example: a person serving in 1914 may not have recorded his discharge until 1943 or 1945.

Volume 1 1861 – 1870

327 pages transcribed from microfilm of the Discharge Records. 529 + records.

Volume 2 July 1870 – 1924

177 pages transcribed from microfilm of the Discharge Records. 300 + records.

Volume 3 1919 – 1945

445 pages transcribed from microfilm of the Discharge Records. 366 records.

1850 Morrow County Census Records

Prior to 1848, Morrow County did not exist. Land was taken from four surrounding counties to create Morrow County. Thus the expression “From Four Came One”.

Through the efforts of Jane Peppler and Sandra Oty, the complete 1850 Census for Morrow County has been transcribed
and typed into a format for easy research. With their permission, and the additional assistance of
Sandra Oty, Nancy Heimlich, and Betty Meier, the Morrow County Genealogical Society has published these
transcriptions in four (4) volumes. Each volume covers one of the four parent counties and contains the
census data for the townships that were originally in that county.

Volume One

  • Marion County
  • Canaan Township
  • Cardington Township
  • Gilead Township
  • Washington Township

Volume Two

  • Richland County
  • Congress Township
  • North Bloomfield Township
  • Perry Township
  • Troy Township

Volume Three

  • Delaware County
  • Bennington Township
  • Harmony Township
  • Lincoln Township
  • Peru Township
  • Westfield Township

Volume Four

  • Knox County
  • Chester Township
  • Franklin Township
  • South Bloomfield Township

Morrow County Birth Records

The Early Morrow County Births Vol. 1

1856, 1857, and 1869 thru 1879
14,500+ names. Spiral bound.

The Early Morrow County Births Vol. 2

1880 to 1895
126 pages, 16,000+ names. Spiral bound.

The Early Morrow County Births Vol. 3

1896 to 1908
12,000+ names. Spiral bound.

Recorded Birth Certificates

1909 – 1983
Approximately 45,000 Names.

Morrow County Marriage Records

Probate Marriage Records:

  • Vol. 1a and 1b  February 1848 through December 1855
  • Vol. 1 and 2  January 1856 through December 1869
  • Vol. 3 and 4  January 1870 through October 1890*
  • Vol. 5  October 1890 through January 1899*
  • Vol. 6  January 1899 through January 1907*
  • Vol. 7  January 1907 through September 1915*
  • Vol. 8  September 1915 through December 1926
  • Vols. 9-10-11 (all in one publ.)   January 2, 1926 through September 8, 1951

Morrow County Ohio Will Index 1848 – 1926

Index of over 3,350 Morrow County Wills on 60 spiral-bound pages

Morrow County Death Records

1856 – 1857 Death Records

1868 Death Records

Morrow County Early Death Records, Volume 1
1856, 1857, 1867 through 1879
52 Pages, 2,000+ Records, Spiral Bound

Morrow County Early Death Records, Volume 2
45 Pages, 2000+ Records, Spiral Bound

Morrow County Early Death Records, Volume 3
42 Pages, 2,000+ Records, Spiral Bound

Morrow County Early Death Records, Volume 4
40 Pages, 2000+ Records, Spiral Bound

Morrow County Recorded Death Index
1908-2008 UPDATED
Now includes recorded parents names when given.
375 Pages, over 21,000 Names, Spiral Bound

Morrow County Funeral Home Records

Records of the Craven Funeral Home – Volume 1
The Oldest Funeral Home in Mt. Gilead, Ohio
954 Records with over 3,000 Names — 1927 – 1940
190 Pages, Spiral Bound, Indexed

Records of the Craven Funeral Home – Vol. 2
902 Records from 1941 through 1953
177 Pages, Spiral Bound, Indexed

Records of the Curl Funeral Home, Cardington, OH, Volume 1
July 1924 – December 1938 (1,020 Records)
with Account Ledger Listings October 1890 – February 1893
Contains Complete Surname Index (nearly 3,500 entries)

Records of the Curl Funeral Home, Cardington, OH, Volume 2
January 4, 1939 – August 16, 1949  Indexed.

Records of the Curl Funeral Home, Cardington, OH, Volume 3
August 22, 1949 – December 25, 1959  Indexed

Records of the Harry Jacobs Funeral Home – Marengo, Ohio
January 2, 1929 through August 18, 1947 – Indexed

Morrow County County-Home Records 1871-1986

  • 100 pages. 4000+ names.
  • Sorted both alphabetically and chronologically by entrance date.
    • In the chronological listing families are grouped together.
  • Included are maps of the County Home cemetery and Sunfish Cemetery.
  • Spiral bound.

It was thought by the compiler (Betty Meier), that these folks were lost during the census periods as this home was not only for the poor, but also the sick and afflicted. (It was almost a hospital). Often times the Morrow County Home was their last home. These records show where most of these folks moved upon their discharge, or where they were buried . For example: a father from Indiana brought his son, a child, to an orphanage in Cleveland.

Morrow County’s Earliest Churches – 1800’s through 1940’s

Works of Cecil Graham, and dedicated to him.  This book contains the recordings he made in the 1930’s and 1940’s of these churches,  complete with details of the churches and stories of that period.
A 173-page book with over 130 pictures of these churches as they looked then and (for those remaining) as they look now.  Two foldout maps are included in the book: a 1930’s and a 2000; also includes a picture of our Bicentennial Barn.

Histories and Atlas

For more detailed information and a list of the families included in this history, check out the 1895 History book above.

1895 Delaware, Union and Morrow Counties Biographical History

This history reprint is 8-1/2 x 11 inches, beautifully hardbound in simulated brown leather with gold stamped cover. It contains illustrated biographical sketches of many Delaware, Union and Morrow Counties families. There are 553 pages in the original book, including an index to the biographical sketches—NOT to all the names within the sketches.

An every-name listing of the names found in this index of the 1895 biographical history can be found here.

A list of Families included in this biographical history can be found in the tables below:

Families – Index of Biographical Sketches

Adams, C. B.349
Adams, Ziba492
Amrin, Henry211
Andrews, Bertrand456
Asman, J. C.126
Baker, H. L. 47
Bales, Walter W.196
Bales, William W.193
Banker, A. L.370
Barry, J. W.282
Barry, Y. P.496
Bartlett, Henry254
Bartlett. R. F.49
Bashford, J. W.29
Beacom Matthew307
Beatty, R. A.96
Bell. G. W.179
Benedict, Aaron348
Benedict, Martin158
Bennett, Samuel207
Benson, L. L.45
Bigelow, A. R.176
Blackledge Robert302
Blayney, William B.481
Boerger, J. L.360
Bolinger. G. W.415
Brodrick, Isaac90
Brodrick, J. M.60
Brodrick, S. J.116
Brown, D. W.424
Brown, E. P.252
Brundige, William102
Buck, H. E63
Buck, J. T.467
Budd, John493
Burkam, Stephen100
Cady, P. R.385
Caris, M. W.311
Carpenter, Rufus153
Caryl, William S.344
Caton, Andrew420
Chamberlin. C H.183
Chapman, C. S.391
Chidester, C. W.284
Clark, Henry350
Clark, Shepherd75
Cole, P. B.377
Comins, A. B.190
Condit. E. J.271
Condit, L. S.138
Conklin, E. M.351
Conner, T.450
Coomer, D. G.275
Cowgill, D. E.463
Cowles. G. E.493
Cox. Robert J.89
Crane, Elbert154
Cranston. Peleg265
Cratty, D. G.444
Cross, J. W.118
Culbertson, J. A.445
Culbertson. S. D.297
Culver. H. S.410
Culver. J. W.259
Cunard. L. M.168
Curl, E. S.259
Curl. F. M.345
Curl. W. H.245
Curtis. Presley172
Cutler. James460
Dalrymple. C. L.487
Dart, J. B.421
Davis. C. E.403
Davis J ,H.484
Davis, Joseph. Jr.112
Davis. Michael177
Davis, W. F.151
Davis, W. S.114
Dean, A. H.279
Deets. George298
Demuth. Samuel268
Denman, William94
Denton, G. R.224
Deposit Banking Company418
De Witt. Hiram217
Dickey. Jabez497
Donavin, J. W.1
Duncan, T. E.145
Edwards. Henry246
Edwards. H. H.325
Edwards. John325
Edwards, Lewis500
Edwards, Rosel139
Evans. L. H.231
Fay. D. C.123
Field, Marshall342
Finch, John288
Finley, J. E.113
Fleckner. H.238
Fleming, Benjamin351
Fleming James396
Fleming, Nelson94
Fleming, Sidney276
Fowler, S. W.203
Freshwater, B. F.267
Fulton, James 346
Gabriel, J. J.269
Gage. William F.308
Gallant. J. W.310
Gano, Mahlon201
Gardner, A. M.373
Gardner, John371
Gardner, R. B.260
Gardner, Washington329
Genier, Abner.469
Gillespie, J. H.394
Goodwin, A. H.263
Gordon, A. J.334
Gordon, T. F.163
Gorsuch, J. E.297
Gorsuch, Noah492
Gorsuch, Samuel279
Gosnell, J. N.208
Graham, John473
Granger, George.159
Gray, E. G.403
Griffith, J. E.110
Griffith, J. H.337
Griffith, T. H.337
Griffith, T. R.79
Griswold, B. H. B.108
Grove. J G.88
Groves. Joseph225
Greiner & Shirk314
Greiner, J. W.314
Guthrie, J. C,397
Hale, Olford 338
Halzmiller, L. H.435
Hamilton, G. B. 289
Hamilton, H. C. 234
Harlan, H. H. 379
Harraman, W. 362
Harter, A. J. 495
Hatch, Enos 176
Hathaway, E. 73
Heller, E. M 441
Henderson, D. H.439
Henderson, D. W.6
Henderson, W. C. 82
Herd, Thomas 335
Hildreth, David 451
Hill, Waterman 54
Hobson, Joseph 407
Hoffmire, S. 374
Holloway, George376
Howard, Nathan 161
Howard, Wm 155
Hughs, D. E. 442
Hull, Benjamin 328
Hunt, M. A. 500
Ingalls, Joseph B. 324
Ingalls, P. P. 324
Inskeep, H. S. 476
Jackson, J. B. 258
Jackson, J. H. 440
James, L. W. 485
Jarvis, Emanuel 471
Jenkins, C. W. 156
Jewell, W. S. 229
Johnson, Denison 495
Johnson, H. A. 416
Jones, A. H. 165
Jones, G. W 67
Jones, H. D. 152
Jones, J. S. 9
Jones, J. W. 437
Jones, T. C. 477
Julian, Aaron402
Kehrwecker, J. G. 292
Kennedy, H. C. 273
Kennedy, J. M. 123
Kilgore, S. D. 187
Kinikin, Minerva 233
Kinkade Family 394
King, W. A. 419
King, William 305
Kingman, Orman 310
Klotz, R. B. 152
Kollefrath, A. H. 222
Kratt, Adam 390
Kreis, Daniel 405
Kritline, J. P.127
Kyle, D. H. 137
Laird, Moses 80
Lane, John 140
Layman, L. N. 150
Levering, R. B. 312
Lewis, James 182
Lewis, Joseph 306
Lewis, L. P. 274
Lewis, Samuel53
Liggett, N. E. 103
Lincoln, C. P. 165
Lincoln, D. H. 368
Lincoln, O. E. 86
Linn, A. 493
Lockwood, D. B.446
Lockwood, J. W. 119
Lower. H. J.412
Lowther, W. M. 200
Luellen, E. 238
Lupton, L. S. 234
Lytle, J. R. 383
Main, A. E. 229
Main. J. C. 286
Mann, S. J. 343
Marriott, F. M. 35
Martin, Benj. 210
Mather. E. L. 218
Mathews, W. D. 423
Maxwell, Johnson355
McAdow, O. W. 299
McCabe. L. D. 28
McCloud, J. B. 354
McCloud. S. N.458
McCracken, C.280
McCracken, John244
McCracken. J. E.32
McGinnis, J. S. 336
McIlroy, Lafayette438
McMaster, W. A. 250
McNeil, S. A. 221
McPeck, G. M. 453
Merrick, Frederick 14
Metzger, C. N. 139
Michael, G. W. 150
Miller, J. B. 117
Miller, W. D. 135
Milligan, Wm. 214
Mills Bros. 382
Mills, C. D.431
Mitchell, G. D.215
Moodie, J. A.429
Moody, J. M.272
Moore, S. A.487
Morey, Abraham464
Morse, J. P.226
Mosher, R. F.380
Mullen, T. L. 136
Myers. J. H.482
Neal, C. H.247
Neal, E. E.243
Needels, J. C491
Newcomer, J. K. 68
Newson, A. B. 164
Newson, John 148
Nicholson, Wm.303
O’Kane, T. C. 365
Olds, James 185
Osborn, J. H. 220
Osborn, Wm. N. 486
Ousey, James 121
Pattan, Wm. 371
Paul, C. B. 57
Paul. E. N 299
Peck, J. S. 191
Perfect, Leroy 409
Perkins, Peter 284
Phillips, Marcus 230
Piersol, George 434
Piper, L. 281
Pollock, G. F. 414
Poppleton, E. F.363
Porter, E. W. 291
Porter. H. W. 167
Porter. J. L. 70
Pringle, J. M. 203
Pugh. J. W. S.369
Ream, G. W. 181
Reed, Norton 457
Reed. Thomas 122
Reyner, J. R. 256
Reyner, Theodore247
Rhoades, W. W. 105
Ritchie. Jerome216
Robinson, A. B. 97
Robinson, J. W. 18
Rodgers, J. E. 373
Rogers, H. G. 248
Rosevelt, Solomon 326
Rowe, William 490
Rowland, Robert501
Ruhlman, G. H.219
Russell, C. L.406
Salisbury J. A.436
Semans, W. M. and E. M.482
Shaw, A. H.353
Shaw, Evan386
Shaw, H. H.425
Shaw, Jonathan, Jr.300
Shelton & Ford359
Shelton. C. D.359
Shirk, H. A.314
Shirk. J. H.315
Shoemaker, Adam277
Shoemaker, Frank389
Shoemaker, J. A.388
Shoemaker, M. B.278
Sidebottom, W. H.448
Simpson, J. R.304
Singer, G. S.375
Singer, W. H.142
Slough, C. J.454
Smart, A. R.352
Smith, C. W.395
Smith, H. E.399
Smith, J. O.257
Snider, Philip11
Snodgrass, William G.400
Snuffin, Levi92
Southard, J. M.23
Southard, J. Q.130
Spearman, John78
Spicer, H. V.205
Staley, William.433
Stanley, F. C.40
Stark, Cepter249
Stickney, F. A.494
Stillings, William251
Stratton, W. W.298
Swisher, A. B.129
Taber, William196
Talmage, D. S.106
Taylor, J. B.320
Thompson, F. A.408
Thompson, L.120
Thomson, A.43
Thornton, Z. R.412
Tilton, J. W. 317
Timmons, Calvin447
Turner, E. B.95
Ulry, Daniel496
Van Brimtner, C. L.240
Van Tassel, A.494
Vaughan, E. J.189
Vaughan, J. W.198
Vaughan, W. P.189
Venneman, J. G.241
Watson, Joseph452
Watts, J. W.468
Wear, Noble426
Welch, F. A.144
Welch, H. A.419
Westbrook, A. E.295
Whipple, Lewis232
White, J. D.293
White, T. S.174
White, W. F.64
White, W. W.294
Whitney, A. A.405
Whitney, A. J.26
Wiechers, F. W. C.48
Wight, W. E.347
Wilcox, Robert228
Wilcox, S. M.266
Wiles, C. W.287
Willey. S499
Williams. S. F.267
Williams, W. G.15
Williamson, S.490
Willis, R K.416
Willits, C. N.255
Willits. William309
Wills, W. H.430
Wolfley, J. L.84
Wonky. S. D.372
Wood. A. S.204
Wood, G. J.339
Wood, J. D.253
Wood, L. A.436
Wood, Richard261
Wood T. A.387
Woods, J. F.140
Worden, Richard426
Wright, J. N.443
Wurtsbaugh, T. F.427
Young, W. B.285
Zimmerman, C. H.262
Zwerner, J. F.469


Amrin, Henry211
Amrin, Mrs. Henry211
Bales, William W.193
Bartlett, Robert F.49
Davis, Michael177
Davis, Mrs. Michael177
Davis, W. S.114
Donavin. J. W.1
Duncan, T. E.145
Henderson, W. C.82
Howard, Nathan161
Jones, George W.67
Marriott, F. M.35
Morse, J. P.226
Robinson, A. B.97
Robinson, J. W.18
Southard, J. Q.130
Venneman, J. G.241
Zimmerman, C. H.262

INDEX: a valuable companion to the History is our Spiral-bound 127-page book
with EVERY surname and the page number on which each can be found.

INDEX ONLY for the History of Morrow County, Published in 1880 by O. L. Baskin & Co. Historical Publishers

1911 Morrow County History Index

Every-name index listed on 209 pages. 10,336 entries.
Published April 2010

1989 History of Morrow County